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0. day - 10/05/2014 - Saturday, Prolog

Currently we are at the north of Kawau Island above Auckland. We prepare the boat for the second crossing from New Zealand to the tropics..

1. day - 11/05/2014 - Sunday, Whangarei

We have not left for the tropics yet. The next week the weather forecast looks too good to be true. Not a front or a storm or anything worrisome. It is quiet and suspicious ....
Instead we had delicious fried eggs for breakfast and were comfortably motoring to Whangarei as there was no wind. We saw some penguins on the way and at least we tested the new autopilot.

We purchased a secondhand Simrad TP32 autopilot. This version can at least steer on flat water. The previous version was a Simrad Pilot Wheel (WP5000) and had problems with it all the time, although it has already been replaced once.

The TP32 version is offered to boats with 6-7 tons, but our boat is in an excess of 10 tons. However, we only need the pilot for motoring on flat sea when there is no wind, otherwise we use the wind vane.

2. day - 12/05/2014 - Monday, Paihia - next to Opua

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3. day - 13/05/2014 - Tuesday, Opua

Fuel station - Opua Marina
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4. day - 14/05/2014 - Wednesday, Opua

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Opua Marina in morning fog

5. day - 15/05/2014 - Thursday, Opua - last day before departure

Master Yoda - May the Force be with you!
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6. day - 16/05/2014 - Friday, Offshore sailing day 1

We did the outward check out at 8:30 am by the same custom officer who was last year. The bakery products (3 bread and 8 croissants) were waiting for us at the store.

The boat was waiting for us ready for the combat. It looked with the spinnaker and the main mast boom like Don Quixote, who was going to head the fight with the windmills​​. At 10.30 am we started the engine and then released the buoy.

Our first destination will be Vanuatu and try Anatom Island as a port of entry (934 nautical miles from NZ). Our plan is to sail the islands from south to north. We will upload our position at midnight every day (New Zealand time)..

Rotor is ready for the challengeOpua StoreDinghy dock
Dinghy dockOpua Crusing ClubRotor is ready for the challenge

Atkeles 1.nap folytatas

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7. day - 17/05/2014 - Saturday

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