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We started an early morning trip to El Valley village. This village lies in a crater of a mountain on 1000 meter. 3 million years ago a volcano erupted here and it became the place of a lake. The lake was gone and life has started in the crater. People came here to live. The village was isolated for many years and the first concrete road was built in 1997. Today the village is part of the country tourism. The entire village is surrounded with mountains that are the hackly edge of the crater. The
climate is very good and fresh and also not as dry as the low lands in dry season. There are lots of nice bougainvilleas on the streets. There are three Indian tribes around the village who visit the small town every day to sell their handcrafts.
On the day we arrived was the first day after a 3-days village celebration. We found many drunk people in the streets mostly Indians who could not digest the alcohol in their body.
A young boy around 10 years old offered his services as a guide to show us a rock in a forest in the mountain. We were interested in his stories. He led us to the huge and sloping rock that was covered by interesting drawings.
Jonathan the young boy told the stories about the rock and about the 2000 years old Indian drawings on it. He believed that the drawing is a map of the surrounded mountains and indigenous symbols of the natural formations. We needed strong imagination to understand all he was saying but he did it so seriously that we started to believe to him. He also showed us a waterfall in the mountain where we saw children in uniform on another path. These children were Indians who came down from the mountains
to the school of the village. This walk takes them half an hour everyday on bare feet.
There is also a thermal bath in the village, which is the remainder of the earlier volcanic activity. We visited the bath here. The warm water comes continuously through the pipes from the ground without any technical electricity. We tried with Geza's mother the face mudpack. There was a swampy part near the bath where people could sink until waist.
We had our lunch in the village. In Panama we have never been sick of food. The food was very good everywhere and the water is drinkable.
After lunch we visited the famous golden frog in the local zoo and botanical garden. It was so small we hardly could see behind the cages. We found a farming shop where we could by a machete for cheep and Ramon our taxi driver showed us how to open a coconut with a machete. We stopped also at the fruit market where we bought some melon and pineapple for the next days.

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Sajnos hamar véget ért ez a két hét együtt. Szüleim hamarosan hazautaznak.
Mi még tankolunk egy kis élelmiszert, vizet, gázt, üzemanyagot, filléres ruhát, majd pár nap múlva indulunk Equadorba.
a Szabó család.

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A szélcsendes időszakban néhány tengeri állat sodródott el a hajó mellett. Először egy teknős, majd néhány kígyót láttunk tekeregni a vízben. Az áramlás valahonnan egy nagy fehér szennyeződést is magával hozott. A víz habzott tőle. Ezután megérkeztek a farönkök és szinte mindegyik alatt egy-egy kis hal bújt meg, a farönköt fedezékül használva. Ha egy hullám más irányba sodorta a rönköt, akkor a kishalak kétségbeesetten kerestek új fedezéket..

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